Friday, March 8, 2013

DTC - Dossier To China!!!!

Big News! 

After 9 days of review, our agency has approved our Dossier!!  This means our paperwork was done correctly and is good to go!  Whew!!!!

We got this news yesterday.... and they said it would take several more days for it to be translated to Chinese and prepped to be mailed. 

we got another email only about 26 hours later... it's already translated and already in the mail to China!!!

Yikes.  This just got very. real.

China should received our paperwork in 3-5 business days.  We were told that within 3 weeks after that we should receive our "Log-in Date"  (LID), which is the day that we'll be logged into China's adoption system.  Once we are LID, we are much more likely to get a referral, or match, with a little one! 

We told the kids the news today... not much of a reaction.  So hard for them to understand.  But tonight Ben prayed about the "important paperwork" for his new sister.  Love how this is just stretching their little hearts.  And ours.

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