Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time Update

Everyone is anxious for news about when Allie might make her arrival... we are the most anxious of all! The not knowing is so hard. I keep putting things on our calendar, wondering if she'll be here for the things we're planning and if we'll have to reschedule around her. We did talk to our social worker this week, and she said they still think April is a possibility, but it could be longer than that. It all depends on the timing of the paperwork getting completed, both from the US and South Korea. So in the meantime, we are trying to enjoy our days as a family of four. Although, even the boys are getting tired of waiting. Sam keeps getting teary eyed and telling me, "I need Hee Young to come home NOW, Mom!" He insists on calling her Hee Young. :) I just hate thinking of all the milestones she's achieving without us, but I know she will come when she is meant to. We will keep you posted on any new news!

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