Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Latest News

We received some great news recently, as well as some scary news. First, the scary: Korean Social Services, which is the agency in Korea that "provides" the babies is no longer going to be providing babies to our agency here in Ohio. We received this news via letter in the mail, and our hearts dropped, not knowing what this would mean for Allie. However, upon calling our social worker, we got the fantastic news that everything for her has been approved both on the US and Korean side of things, including her Visa, which is the last official step! They said that the closing of KSS shouldn't affect us and that they would be hopefully making her travel arrangements soon. Typically babies are brought home in groups of 3, so they are waiting on approvals for 2 more babies, and then they'll start scheduling her trip home. We are literally waiting for the phone to ring. We've been washing up baby clothes and pulling out baby toys and equipment. She'll be 9 months tomorrow! In other news, we're in our birthday "spree". Jeremy's birthday was last week, Sam's is this Thursday (my baby is going to be THREE!) and Ben's is the following week-FIVE. Needless to say, things are a bit busy around here these days! Hopefully we'll be posting her "due date" very soon! In the meantime, we'd appreciate prayers that her travel arrangements get made quickly. And please pray for the families who have begun the adoption process with our agency who are now having to start over with another country or agency due to the closing of KSS. I can't imagine how devastated they are and we are feeling very fortunate and anxious to just get our little girl home.

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