Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's a Girl!!!

Friday, December 17th turned out to be a pretty life-changing day, in addition to the potty training (and Uncle Justin's birthday!). I had just arrived home from a doctor's appointment at about 4pm when the phone rang. The number looked to be a cell number and I instantly hoped it could be the call we had been waiting for. With my dad, Ben and Sam watching, I received the amazing news that we had a daughter in Seoul, South Korea!

After making arrangements with our social worker for her to come over that night at 9:00pm to show us pictures and give us details, I told the boys they had a sister. Sam then helped me call Daddy and a few other people to tell them he had a sister (he tried so hard, but no one could understand him!). Then the hard part came-having to wait those 5 hours to finally see her picture at last!!!

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