Saturday, February 5, 2011

Introducing Allison Hee Young Coleman

Here she is! She is named Hee Young for her birthmother, which means Delightful Blooming, which describes her perfectly. We'll add Allison to that and call her Allie. All except Sam, who insists her name is just Hee Young. :)

We met with our social worker on Friday, December 17th. We were so lucky she was willing to come the same day, she came at 9pm after she finished up with other worked related responsibilities. At the time, Hee Young was not quite 6 months old. She was born on June 28th, 2010 and is very healthy and developing well. Our biggest question once we learned that she was healthy was, "When can she come home?" We were told "April, maybe a little sooner, maybe a little later." And so now the really difficult wait begins!
In the meantime, we are filled with immeasurable joy. We are so thankful that we found out about her at such a joyous time of year. We're thankful she's healthy. We're thankful for her birth parents who gave her life and for the country of South Korea for entrusting her to us. And we just cannot wait to have her home!!!

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