Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Joey's 8th Birthday!

Sunday, July 24th was Joey's 8th birthday!!!

His birthday is less than a month away from Allie's, 
she wanted to celebrate her birthday with his. 
She has such a heart for her new brother.

So we celebrated both our summer birthday 
kiddos a few weeks ago 
with family, pizza, cake and fun.

It was so bittersweet to celebrate without him, 
but such a blessing to know  
that this is his last birthday he'll celebrate without a family.

We also sent him a birthday package to his orphanage 
in hopes that he got it in time for his birthday. 
We've heard he loves Spiderman!
 We also had the special treat of a quick video
 chat with him over his birthday weekend as well! 

We now have two 8 year olds... so crazy and so exciting!!!
We cannot wait to see our "twins" and all our kids together.

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