Monday, June 27, 2016


Apparently nesting occurs whether you're pregnant, adopting a baby/toddler or adopting an older child. :) Because, WOW. I'm nesting.

We (driven by me, of course) are working on lots of house projects to prepare for a 5th child!  He has a bed now, all set up in the boys room and ready for him.  Three boys in one room, eeeekkkk!!!  We're gathering up some personal things for him to help him feel at home.  Letters to put his name on the wall just like his siblings, his own cups for the kitchen and bath, etc.  Nothing major as we have more than enough clothes and toys, but we want to make sure he has some special things just for him.

I also have a compulsive need to clean out closets, put up some fresh paint, make lists and organize. Thankfully we have lots of free time this summer and I have a very willing husband to help me check things off my list!

We put in a request for an update a couple of weeks ago. We're praying his orphanage is willing to give us some new information on his growth and development, as well us answer some of our specific questions about his personality, physical needs and schooling.  We'd also love, love, love some new pictures! Fingers crossed we get some new news about our boy soon.

In the meantime, I keep looking at the pictures we do have, including these of him from when he was much younger. Look at that face!


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