Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Affording Adoption & Medical Treatment - Things We've Learned

How to Help with Adoption Costs
Many people say the reason they can't adopt is because it costs too much.  Here's a few things we've learned along the way that have saved us a bundle!

1.  There are many, many grants available for families in the adoption process.  Yes, it takes a little more time and paperwork to apply, but so worth it!

2.  Adoption Tax Credit-

3.  Fundraising- there are so many wonderful ways to fund raise, from auctions to events to garage sales...people usually want to help!

Also, foster care is typically FREE. In fact, often foster care parents get paid to do the training and receive a month stipend to help offset the costs of raising the child.

How to Help with Medical Costs
Adopting a special needs child can come with the fear of covering long term medical costs. We figured we'd have a running bill with children's hospital forever! We have been shocked to discover that there are lots of options out there: financial assistance, grants and special insurance included.   Since Maggie has come home, she has had private speech therapy, more doctor's visits than we can count to the surgeon, dentist, geneticist, ENT, pediatrician, international adoption clinic etc., plus a major reconstructive surgery of her mouth.  How much of that have we paid for out of our pocket since she came home 2 years ago? ZERO. ZERO DOLLARS (with the exception of sick visits at the pediatrician). Here's how:

She qualifies for BCMH here in Ohio, which is Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps. They have covered medical care related to her cleft.

She also received services from Help Me Grow, a program in our county for children under the age of 3 to help children who are developmentally delayed. It's FREE and they come to your home!! Many counties offer similar programs.

Our children's hospital has financial advocates who help families know what help is available.  Our advocate has been such a Godsend, she has helped us receive financial aid, along with various grants- not just for Maggie but all our kids.  Amazing!

We also have taken advantage of United Healthcare's Grant. You do NOT Have to be a United Healthcare member to take advantage (we're not!).  They have helped pay for medical bills for our kiddos, such as Ben's surgery to have his tonsils removed and Allie's occupational therapy.  Another Godsend!

Of course, some of these things are dependent on income, how many kids are in your family and whether you're eligible.  And services/programs vary by county and state.  But they are definitely worth looking into!

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