Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two and a Half

Two and a half years.

Always my baby, but not really a baby anymore.

The picture below from a year ago shocked me. Her face has healed, relaxed and changed so much!

We see each person on her "team" who are part of her care every 6 months.  (Her team includes the pediatrician, ENT, dentist, plastic surgeon and genetics - all separate appointments.)  

We saw the pediatrician today for a growth check.  She is still tiny, still about the 5th percentile in weight and 3rd in height.  But she's growing, so that's good!

We saw the ENT last week, her tubes are still in place and looking good.

Next week we'll see the surgeon & genetics (who also keep track of her growth and development and help coordinate her care).  Next month we'll see the dentist.

18 months

2.5 years!

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