Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Fun!

We're having a fun summer. Juggling 4 kids at home full time is a lot!  June was very busy with school going later than expected, baseball, VBS, swim lessons, both boys to an overnight camp, etc.  We're enjoying a more laid back July, trying to schedule less and just enjoy being at home with them all.  

We continue to go to weekly counseling with Allie, working through our Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with her, hoping to help ease her anxiety and help her make better behavior choices.  Overall she's doing a little better, although some days are still very trying.

Maggie is doing great.  She still has days where she fusses a LOT, and I'm not sure why. But she is really coming into her own and starting to assert herself despite not having any words.  She's eating and drinking great, and her scar looks amazing.  She'll be evaluated speech therapy next month.

I'm totally enjoying having the boys home from school. The teacher in me loves to do fun experiments and activities with them.

Although Maggie's adoption was finalized in China, in order to get her an Ohio birth certificate, we had to re-finalize her adoption here. It was a  neat moment to be able to go as a family and testify to the judge that we adore her.  She questioned us and Ben quite a bit, and I was SO proud of him for answering proudly how much he loves her and how she fits in our family.  

Sam had his turn to spend the night at an overnight Christian camp. He was adamant that he wanted to do this despite not being able to eat the food due to his egg allergy and not knowing a soul there! He willingly took food from home and absolutely loved his time there.  Such a brave guy.

And of course we celebrated Allie turning 4!

Here's some pics and videos:

An older video from May demonstrating massive cuteness.

Maggie Fei LOVES being with her siblings. And they adore her.

This is hilarious. Watch for Maggie at the end. She had been spinning in circles....

Watching a bar of soap expand in the microwave!

Exploring a tub of beans.




Caught a turtle!


Court day!

Getting her hair done by big brother.

Ready for camp!

Waiting to get Sam...feeling silly!

Got him back! He did GREAT!

Campfire Worship at Church

Birthday Girl!!!

Party prep

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