Sunday, January 5, 2014

One down, one to go

Ben had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Thursday.

It's a routine surgery, but he's still my baby.

My first baby.

Watching him be put to sleep was hard. He was so scared but so brave.

He had one little tear leak out as he fell asleep. Cue the watershed on my part.

So. Hard.

But he did great and Doc said it was a good thing we did it.

We were warned recovery could be tough, 1-2 weeks.

So far he's rocking it.

Nice little warm up for Maggie's surgery, one month from tomorrow.

Maggie is maintaining status quo.

Some days she eats and drinks great, sometimes not.

Her palate is still full of the mystery gunk.

We've been home over 6 weeks!

Going a little stir-crazy, but all is well.

Here's to having one surgery done, one to go.

Waiting pre-surgery.

After.  He was SO out of it.

Heading home.

New-to-us Lincoln Logs brought a smile.

Girls playing dollhouse together.

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