Friday, May 31, 2013

It's back!

Our garage that is.  After having it overflowing with garage sale stuff for the past couple months, I've never been so grateful to have my garage space again!  We had to move out all of our things to make room for the sale items; which meant that our bikes, outdoor toys, etc. were relegated either in my living room or out in the backyard!  Everything is back in it's right spot and the van is parked in the garage again.  Phew.  Our extra day of sales last week went well, we made another almost $400.  So that brings our grand total to around $2400!!!  Amazing.

And in an effort to pay it forward, St. Vincent de Paul came with a huge truck and picked up what we had left.  Here's a pic of what was left after selling $2400 worth of items!  We hope it all goes to a great home.

Speaking of St. Vincent de Paul, I called the last morning of the sale to see when they could come pick everything up and was told it usually takes weeks or months to schedule a big pickup like this.  My heart fell at the thought of either putting it all back in the garage or having to make many trips to drop it off ourselves.  We were just so DONE at that point.  But 5 minutes later, they called me back and said in a very unusual stroke of luck, they could come that day!!  The sale ended at 1pm that Friday, and they came by 4:30 to pick it all up.  Happy to say the least!

In other adoption news: there is no other adoption news.  Nope.  Not a word from our agency.  In fact, it seems like every time I ask how long they think it will be until we get a referral (baby match), they give me a longer estimated timeline. So we're backing off and just going to do our best to be patient for a while.  Easier for Jeremy than for me, but I'll try.  We're still hopeful for a match sometime late summer/early fall and travel would then be 4-7 months after that.  But all very up in the air at this point.

Our biggest has 3 days of school left, then it's officially time for SUMMER here in our house and we are so ready!  Despite the long adoption waits, it's still very feasible that by next summer our new little one will be home, which makes it seem not so bad. :)

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