Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Win-Win Way to Help!

My dear friend Christine Chappell, along with Elizabeth Barna, is hosting a Noonday Trunk show both at her house and online.  Noonday is a fabulous company, with beautiful fair-trade products made by artisians in poverty around the world.  Shop at from tomorrow (Thursday the 18th) thru Saturday evening and a percentage of the sales will go to offset the costs of our adoption! There are FABULOUS ideas for Mother's Day.  Its a win-win-win! Artisans living in poverty will be supported, our adoption will be one step closer to being funded, plus you end up beautiful new things for your mom, family, friends or yourself!
Be sure to choose the show ambassador's name, Elizabeth Barna, from the pull down bar at check out that says "Choose your Ambassador".  That way your purchase is connected with the home sale.  You can email me at if you have questions!
Christine and Elizabeth, we are SO grateful for what you are doing for us!!!

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