Thursday, February 14, 2013

Korean New Year

This past weekend was the Korean New Year.  It may seem odd that us "white Americans" celebrate, but we're determined to do our best to learn about Allie's birth culture.  I'm sure we make lots of misinterpretations, but we're trying!  Plus, any excuse to get her back in her Hanbok!
We are a part of a Korean adoption group that celebrates the major Korean holidays together.  So we got to hang out with other Korean adoptees and their families to celebrate the Korean New Year.  Allie just stares in awe at the big Korean kids! 

We made and played a board game called Yut Nori that is popular in Korea.  We also had some yummy Korea food!

We read about how Korean often use masks to celebrate, so we made some of our own... not exactly what I had in mind, but they were excited.


And we can't do anything without typical Allie-sized meltdown.  :)

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