Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Hectic but fun December with Christmas celebrations!  The kids each had a class party (and I got to go to ALL of them, how lucky am I!), Sam had a Christmas program, Ben had a Fine Arts night, and the boys performed Joy to the World with their classes at church during service.  Lots of excitement and things to look forward to this month.  Here's a few other highlights.
Zoo lights with Jer's fam.  It was a balmy night, the best kind!


Christmas in our little town with best buddies... and lots of blue cotton candy!

Had to literally SHOVE the boys into the picture with Santa... they wouldn't touch him, talk to him or look at him!  Allie wasn't there, which was probably best, she would have been petrified!

A big part of our build-up to Christmas this year was being in charge of distributing luminaries to our neighbors for Christmas Eve.  With over 300 houses to keep track of, it was a big job!  But we enjoyed doing it as a family and the kids were a big "help"!  :)  It was all worth it on Christmas Eve when we got to ride around the neighborhood enjoying the beautiful lights.

This is the way the kids enjoy Santa.... by video!  He sent each of them a personal video... they each made the "nice" list.  They were all talking to him on the computer screen!

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