Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween in Style

Whew, we made it through Halloween yet again.  Seems like there was such excitement and build-up this year!  I got to celebrate with Sam and cousin Izzy at their preschool fall party.  Grandma Toodie came for the afternoon to see the kids get dressed up.  Despite lots of ideas, the boys decided to wear their old favorites.  Ben was Buzz for the THIRD year in a row...the costume is way too short and embarrassingly filthy.  He wore it several times this year, including all day at school before trick-or-treating.  I feel the need to tell his teacher that he insisted on wearing that old ratty thing!  Sam was Spiderman for the second time, and Allie was a butterfly with a tutu.  We just used what we had.  She totally figured out the idea of trick-or-treating and wouldn't let go of her bucket of candy for anything!

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