Friday, October 19, 2012


Allergy scare with Sam today... totally my fault and feel like such a terrible mommy.  He wanted candy out of a little machine at the store and even though there were no ingredients listed, I felt confident that chewy Sprees certainly didn't contain eggs... boy was I wrong.  Thankfully, Sam has a 6th sense when it comes to food containing eggs.  After eating one, he said he hated it and didn't want any more.  About 10 minutes later he started having terrible stomach pains that lasted for the next couple of hours.  We were out running errands, and I didn't think much of it at first, but the pains continued. By the time we got home, he could barely stand up.  It made me think of when he had a bite of a muffin back in the spring the contained eggs and had the same reaction.  So I looked up chewy Spree ingredients online... sure enough they contain egg albumin, which is basically egg whites (he is allergic to egg white and yolk both).  It's listed as a very minor ingredient, less than 2% and he only had ONE piece of candy.  He was miserable-pale and in so much stomach pain.  I gave him some Benadryl and followed his instructions- he said he needed a "bed on the couch and a Diego movie and a bucket in case I throw up."  He didn't throw up this time (he did after the muffin incident), but it really scared me. If that tiny amount of egg in one piece of candy could make him that sick, what could happen if he had real egg?  I'm so thankful for his 6th sense and his extreme caution (usually) in what he eats.  It scares me that usually between the ages of  4 and 6, kids start to outgrow egg allergy.  In fact, his allergist has always been very confident that Sam will outgrow this allergy.  But he's 4 and a half now and is clearly still very allergic. I obviously needed a reminder not to become to lax about his allergy.  He is now feeling much better and is eating whole (big) carrots as fast as I can peel them.  Those of you who know Sam know that that is more like what he prefers!

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