Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This All Really Happened

Despite our best intentions, sometimes things are just ugly with 3 kids ages 6, 4 and almost 2.  Here's a sample of our morning on our last day of vacation.  These things all occured between 8am and noon.

-Allie had to be removed from the restaurant 3 times at breakfast for screaming tantrums.  All eyes were on us.

-Ben "squirted" diaherrea in bathroom all over floor, his clothes and toilet paper.  "I don't know how that happened!" he said.

-So windy out and waves were so dangerous that the boat trip we were going to take was cancelled and we couldn't go to the beach or swim outside.

-Found a cool park, but it was so windy we just about blew away.

-Broke rear hatch on van on day we need to load up to go home-can't open back door. I'm not joking.  We had to take out carseats and load from the front of the van.

-Allie has cried most of morning.  Literally one tantrum after another. Literally.

-Decide to treat kids to frozen yogurt before lunch; finally found long sought after  metered parking spot, paid meter and walked in hurricane-like weather to find that they weren't open.

-Both boys had to pee in the emergency "pee cup" in car and spilled entire cup of pee over daddy and van.  I'm not kidding.

-Upon arriving back at hotel, within 15 minutes, Sam spilled yogurt all over the couch and two cups of milk all over our hotel room.

-Sam is writhing in pain naked in front of the back door of hotel for all to see due to constipation.

-Allie's poopy diaper is unbearable in small space but no one wants to change her again.

Clearly we are all about bodily functions.  I feel terrible for whoever has to clean our room after we leave.


  1. what hotel did you stay at? sound great!

  2. Hello, I am a fellow mum (from Australia) and hopefully a future mother to a Korean adoptee. I love your blog. This entry in particular had me in stitches. Thanks for putting a smile on my face:) Warm wishes, Kristy