Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back Tracking

Ergh!  I've gotten so behind on blogging!  For some reason I've recently been feeling the "strain" of 3 kids now more than ever.  I guess it's because Allie now thinks she's a "big girl" and is in to absolutely everything!  She is nonstop movement, nonstop talking... I'm exhausted!  So in an attempt to catch up, here's some pics from the last couple months. 

Allie, Jeremy and I had the opportunity to go into Sam and Izzy's classroom to teach them about Korea. Sam was so proud to show off his sister and Izzy was thrilled to have her cousin there!

We took the kids on our  2nd annual visit to CoCo Keys Water Resort.  It is one of the boys' absolute favorite places to be.

The pics of Allie in the pink dress are from Valentine's Day, she loves dressing up!  And the boys ooh and ahh over her, it's so cute.

Allie and Evie got to play together again, it's so neat to watch them begin a friendship!

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