Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Allie Becomes a Coleman!

Wednesday, December 14th Allie's adoption became official! Our family of 5 traveled to Ravenna, Ohio (near Cleveland) to go to court to finalize her adoption. Although we have known she's our daughter from day 1, it was very special to have her recognized by the eyes of the court as officially a Coleman. She also became an American citizen that day.
We felt we had come full circle from a year ago. Last year, on Dec. 17th we had received the call that we had a daughter in Korea...the same week a year later it was finalized!
To make the trip even more special, our friend's daughter, Mae, came home from Korea the same day as Allie and her adoption was finalized the same day as Allie's. Then we went to their house for a Korean lunch and some playtime! Pretty special to watch them together; we have pictures of them together in Korea as well!!

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