Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazing Allie and the boys

We were very prepared going to the adoption that Allie may have some minor special needs, most adoptive kids do. So we are just amazed by her; not only is she doing so well, but everyone continues to be just blown away by how advanced she is developmentally. She just seems older than her 15 months; she says well over 10 English words and even her first phrase "All Done." She is so mobile, climbs and jumps from one piece of furniture to the next! And her understanding of what's going on is just unbelievable. She is one smart cookie. She had her15 month checkup last week, she's 65% in weight and 95% in height! Her doctor just can't believe that not only is she on target for everything for her age, she's able to do more than what's expected. We are so proud of her!
She sleeps about 12 hours a night and takes a good afternoon nap. And the girl can EAT (as evidenced by her size!). She loves everything we give her and furiously signs "more please" if we don't get the food to her fast enough. She drinks out of a cup and just in the past couple of days has given up her bottle (we hope!). She's still somewhat clingy and fussy, and some days are much better than others. But she's making progress!
We also had an amazing discovery; tucked inside a photo album that she came home with from Korea I found 2 letters written in Korean! We're not even sure who they are from; there is an email address that we've sent an email to, and we're also working through friends to get the letters translated. We're so excited to have a connection to someone in her birth country. Will keep you posted on the translations!
The boys are doing just awesome as well. Ben has FLOURISHED in kindergarten, he absolutely loves it. His bus fears have faded and now we're having to remind him to behave on the bus, he's having such a good time! And he has developed a sudden interest in writing, drawing, reading, spelling.... be still my little teacher's heart!! He's never been into these things, so I am just thrilled he has caught the reading and writing bug. He's also full of information about what's he's learning at school. "Mommy, this is the spine of the book." "Mommy, did you know that all songs have a steady beat?" I love it!!!!
And Sam LOVES LOVES LOVES his 3 afternoons at preschool. I fully believe he could hop on the bus and go to kindergarten with Ben if he could. He is just the most enthusiastic kid and loves everything. His teacher has a real bunny, hermit crab and fish in their classroom, so he is in animal heaven there. He's such a deep thinker, lately his prayers have been so deep and well thought out, he's got such a kind kind heart. He still hates peanut butter, so we continue to try to think of new ways to get it in him. Last night he did eat some chicken with a peanut butter sauce, although he choked it down. :)
New pictures soon!!!

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