Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School Days

I am in disbelief that September is over! I really don't know how time flies so fast. The boys both had a great start to school. It is Sam's first year of preschool and he LOVES it. No tears from this little guy. He marches right into the building with his backpack thumping on the back of his legs and doesn't even look back at me. So brave. Of course it helps to have cousin Izzy in his class. Hopefully they're not beating up on each other too badly! Ben loves going to school, but has had a little bit of a rough time lately behaving the way he should. We've been working with him on that and he's really proud of his improvements so far, and so are we! This year is a lot more structured for him with higher expectations, since they're preparing him for kindergarten (gulp!). So it's an adjustment, but we know he's going to do great.
Some exciting events for us in the month of September:
-Boys got to go watch Grandpa Tim take his first flying lesson. Very exciting to be at an airport and get to look at all the planes and even watch Grandpa take off and land!
-We have our tent set up in our backyard. They have tons of books and toys and sleeping bags out there and have had a blast. Ben got to have his first real campout w/Daddy out there one night and he loved it. Sam and I joined them before bed at the firepit and roasted marshmallows, another first. I'm sure Sam will insist on joining them soon enough!
-We took the boys to what was Sam's first Reds game last week. We were leary to have him be around all the peanuts, but it was a great learning experience for him, since he'd never seen one before!
Funny story about the picture of the boys w/green hands. One day I was upstairs doing some laundry. I mistakingly was so proud of them for being so quiet and nice to each other in the basement. Ben even shouted up to me to tell me how much fun they were having together. Considering they're usually beating up on one another, I thought this was great progress! Then they came up to show me what they were doing. They had gotten into the ink pads for their stamps (washable, thank goodness) and were basically finger painting w/it. No wonder they were quiet and having so much fun! Next time they're so quiet I'll know it's not a good thing!
No real news about the adoption. We continue to be told they think we'll be matched w/ a baby sometime late fall, definitely by the end of this year. Right now babies are coming home about 3 months after a match, but it can take as long as 4-6 months. The world of adoption is constantly changing, so while we're thinking she'll be home in the spring, we can't know for sure. Right now it doesn't seem real to us at all, but I'm sure once we get matched with a specific baby who will become part of our family, it will get a lot more real and exciting! Keep checking back for updates!

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