Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dirt and Fireworks

We recently went out on Grandpa's boat for the first time this summer. Last year Sam was so little and scared. This year he was into everything. He loved the ride, swimming in the lake, and even riding the inner tube. Of course Ben is a pro at all this, and he is ready to go back and do a little fishing next time!

The most exciting thing to happen around here in a while was the load of dirt we had delivered right to our driveway. Our basement has a leak and Jeremy had to do some digging to fix the crack, and then ordered a bit load of topsoil to fill the hole, etc. The boys got to watch the big, red, dumptruck back into our driveway and dump the load of dirt. They were wide-eyed and completely silent during the whole process; they didn't move an inch they were so fascinated! Then they "got to work" on the pile, getting out their little wheelbarrow, buckets, shovels, etc. They have played for HOURS in that dirt pile. Ben helped Jeremy by loading up his little wheelbarrow, pushing it around to the side of the house, dumping it and using a rake to smooth it into place, just like his daddy. He was actually productive and helpful! Sam dug in the dirt, put it between his toes, threw it, ate it and slide down the pile. Absolute heaven for two little boys who like nothing better than being dirty. We've decided to reserve a small portion of it to keep around for a while-it's better than any toy!

Fourth of July was a "blast", the boys both really got into it this year. We went to Loveland's parade and fireworks. It was a real treat for them to be up so late, although the days following were a bit rough from being so tired!

Hope the summer is treating you well! Keep checking back!

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