Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Begins!

Well, summer has begun for us at the Coleman house, and we've had countless adventures already. Ben finished his second year of preschool and has blossomed into a much more mature, awesome "big kid". We can't believe he only has one more year of preschool to go, and then kindergarten! Sam will begin his first year of preschool in the fall! He gets to attend school with cousin Izzy, so hopefully their teacher has lots of energy and patience, those two are double the trouble!

Some of our fun adventures so far this summer: getting ice cream at the Whippy Dip (the ONLY place around for ice cream!), playing at Lunken Airport playground and eating at the restaurant there-they got to watch planes and helicopters take off and land! We also made our annual visit to the Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory, went to Kings Island (where we discovered Sam has no fear of the rides and laughs hysterically on them!), played in the river w/our buddies, and started swim lessons. Ben also has started his first "season" of t-ball, which is basically just a camp where they learn the basics of the game. It's amazing how they've improved already! We also had a quick trip to Evansville to visit family, and Ben got to go to a Red's game! Sam also got his first buzz cut, and for the first time I can see a resemblance between my boys!

Hard to believe, but we're also making an effort to spend more down time at home, so we've spent lots of time in our sandbox and playing with the hose-which seems to make them happier than anything! They are usually either covered in dirt, sand, or sopping wet-which often means multiple showers/baths a day!

Couple of updates people often ask us about: the adoption is still a-go, we are just waiting to be matched with a baby. We were told she should be home sometime beginning to middle of 2011. So we are patiently waiting and enjoying our last year or so w/just two kids! Also, Sam's allergies are still the same as far as we know: eggs and nuts. He did get a fistfull of hardboiled egg the other night in his hand, and no reaction, so that's a good thing! He goes back to be retested in the fall.

I have 2 tutoring students this summer-6th & 7th grade- a bit older than my usual kids. I'm enjoying the challenging and keeping my feet wet in the teaching field. Jeremy continues to be a top tech at Toyota, even got a surprise bonus from his boss yesterday! Our 10 year anniversary is coming up in July, so hard to believe!

Hope your summer has gotten off to a great start for you and your family! I'll updated again soon!

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